Slaughterhouse-Five, Part 1: Trauma Time*

7 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse-Five, Part 1: Trauma Time*”

  1. Wow, Virginia, thank you for inviting me and sharing your writing. This is very powerful and I am feeling deeply moved.

  2. And to think I read Slaughterhouse Five shortly after (or was it before?) my biggest PTSD experience! I totally didn’t get it at the time…
    Thank you for sharing this, Virginia. Very candid and real. I appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. And you.

  3. I have wanted to revisit books that I read as a young person and Kurt Vonnegut was on my list. I’m glad to be reading Slaughterhouse Five within this context as I too have PTSD. I am fortunate to have some distance (of time) from my traumatic experiences and have been able to process (somewhat) and am so excited about this book club. Thank you!

  4. Loved this, Virginia. You have captured PTSD well by your descriptions of time travel and memory fragmentation. I’m sorry for the way PTSD has devastated your life and those you love. I too have suffered with it, and on the path of recovery. Lately, I came to the conclusion that the hyperarousal aspect of it, has been the most devastating and long lasting symptom for me.

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