Slaughterhouse-Five, Part 1: Trauma Time*

6 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse-Five, Part 1: Trauma Time*”

  1. Wow, Virginia, thank you for inviting me and sharing your writing. This is very powerful and I am feeling deeply moved.

  2. And to think I read Slaughterhouse Five shortly after (or was it before?) my biggest PTSD experience! I totally didn’t get it at the time…
    Thank you for sharing this, Virginia. Very candid and real. I appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. And you.

  3. I have wanted to revisit books that I read as a young person and Kurt Vonnegut was on my list. I’m glad to be reading Slaughterhouse Five within this context as I too have PTSD. I am fortunate to have some distance (of time) from my traumatic experiences and have been able to process (somewhat) and am so excited about this book club. Thank you!

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