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6 thoughts on “PTSD Bookclub”

  1. Dear Mrs Eubanks, I just read your article in the New York Times. It had reached my Heart. I want to say Thanks – from the Perspektive of a loving son of a PTSD-suffering mother-and-father-and-Great-parents (all to World war 2-victims and consecutive brutal Events including rape).

    I with you the Most broadest success in writing and changing The Things of PTSD-aspects in your private and societal surroundings. Many Thanks and best wishes to you an Jason

  2. PTSD sufferer here-initially from bearing witness to my mothers suicide and after years of treatment having my symptoms triggered again by a spontaneously collapsed lung. Your article made me feel understood and also gave me a strong reminder to the efforts and impacts on my wife of 11 years. I get triggered every time she even sneezes (loudly). Often the caregivers are forgotten and I am grateful you have shed light on all of them; including yourself.

  3. Just read your PTSD article from NYTimes, wanted to let you know that I admire your bravery, strength and persistence in helping your partner heal. I’m a nurse but reading your article, I felt that sense of caregiver burden. I wish you and your partner the best, and hopes of recovery!

  4. Thank you for a brilliant, moving, and revelatory piece in the NYT. I’m terribly sorry for what you and Jason have had to endure. Thank you for plumbing the depths of pain and despair to share this insightful story.

  5. Your NYT article is phenomenal.
    I am dual PTSD sufferer and caregiver. A sufferer, after my young daughter’s life was ripped apart by a ruptured brain aneurysm and caregiver for my elder teen-daughter who was raped a few years later and eventually hospitalised with PTSD.
    When you spoke to the daily trauma wrought from the interminable fight of administrative bodies, fighting for healthcare… the hollowing out of yourself by these small enduring brutalities…I shuddered with cognition. Thank you for you raw, honest writing. Nothing I have researched, watched, listened to, has spoken to me in such an authentic, resonating way of my own experience, as the recounting of your own. I am truly grateful for this dignified piece.
    I wish you both a calm heart, a clear head and a Springtide of wellness.

  6. I am so sorry that you and Jason have been put on this journey and I am moved and inspired by the work you both put into moving forward. Your article shines a light on the terrible impact that a loved one’s mental illness has on partners and family members which is a topic that is not openly discussed in this era of insufficient mental health care during which treatment is ” outsourced” to family members. Living with someone who engages in behaviors related to depression, anxiety, paranoia, PTSD is traumatizing, particularly when the behaviors are aggressive, emotionally abusive and/or involve physical violence . Caretaking adds an extra layer of stress and trauma. I am a mental health counselor and hear narratives every day from clients struggling to process their experiences with family and partners with mental health issues. Thank you for sharing your story and letting others know they are not alone.

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