Irritable Hearts, Pt. 2: The Perplexing Language of PTSD

5 thoughts on “Irritable Hearts, Pt. 2: The Perplexing Language of PTSD”

  1. Such interesting reports. Most people, including me, have no idea what PTSD really does to the person afflicted.

    Hope the summer is as smooth as possible for you and Jason.

    Much love

  2. First, I appreciate the use of “activated” in lieu of “triggered” when, at times, the former is more apt. Second, the state of “hypoarousal” is quite familiar to me, unfortunately. And it has been my predominant state for the better part of years.

    Finally, for some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that PTSD can come in a range of severities. I mean, now it is, of course, obvious. I don’t experience the most severe symptoms, myself, for the most part. But for so long, I denied that I had any symptoms at all BECAUSE they weren’t “that severe.” This idea helps me. It also hadn’t occurred to me for a long time that one can heal from PTSD, or improve the symptoms at least. When I realized that, not long ago, it was a big obstacle removed.

    I don’t know if any of that makes sense but… thanks for doing this project, V. It has moved me.

    1. Hey Q! I approved this in a rush but didn’t have time to read it closely until now (see the post about abscessed teeth today, alas). Thanks so much for sharing your experience and reflections. Hypoarousal is a nightmare, and unfortunately, if and when you get stuck there, the world seems all too ready to write you off – like “Well, if you’re not freaking out in public, PHEW. Just stay there on your couch, please.”

      But YES, PTSD doesn’t have to be from THE WORST TRAUMA IN THE WORLD EVER to be PTSD. That’s what I learned from Irritable Hearts, and it forced me to confront the reality of my own diagnosis when I felt like I had no right to complain because what Jason was going through was so much worse. And YES, PTSD can and does get better. Ain’t none of it easy, but it’s possible. Thanks so much for letting me know that the writing helped you. It means the world to me.

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